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Suburban Timetables

Transfers in the nearby centres are a need which can no longer be ignored.

At Baire Coach Service Company they do know this. That is why they offer a convenient suburban transport service aimed at covering displacements amongst the centres of the Cagliari district.

To always guarantee the best top our customers, our suburban transport service offers certified quality and professionalism.

The suburban transport of Baire Coach Service Company is managed through some lines: choose the line for which you want to check the timetable. Then, passing the mouse on the stop you are interested in, you will see the hours of passage of our vehicle.

Choose a stage

Line 100:  Capoterra - Cagliari
Line 100R:  Cagliari - Capoterra
Line 633:  Monastir - Sarroch Z.I.
Line 633R:  Sarroch Z.I. - Monastir
Line 32G:  Pula - Macchiareddu
Line 32GR:  Macchiareddu - Pula
Line 32-7G:  Villaggio Moratti - Sarroch Z.I.
Line 32-7GR:  Sarroch Z.I. - Villaggio Moratti
Line 633:  Monastir - Macchiareddu Z.I.
Line 633R:  Macchiareddu Z.I. - Monastir


The suburban transport service offered by Baire Coach Service Company manages – through numerous lines – the displacements amongst various places in the Cagliari district with daily, work and school stages. Amongst our runs, we have recently added connections with the industrial areas of Sarroch and Macchiareddu. Choose the line for which you want to know the timetable.
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