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The Fleet of vehicles

In order to offer an efficient and quality service, Tour Baire relies not only on its employees’ professionalism, but also on an efficient and recent fleet of vehicles.

In order to offer you the best of our several services, different types of vehicles with different capacities are needed, which make up our fleet of vehicles.

Tour Baire fleet is made up of the following vehicles:

  • 3 54-seater buses - Setra S 415 HD;
  • 1 52-seater bus with toilet - Setra S415 HD;
  • 1 54-seater bus - Setra S 315 HD;
  • 2 Mercedes 29-seater buses;
  • 2 Ford 16-seater buses;
  • 2 Vivaro 8-seater minibuses;
  • 2 Ducato 8-seater minibuses;
  • 2 E Class Mercedes cars;
  • 1 R Class Mercedes cars.

The Fleet of vehicles

The Fleet of vehicles

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